October 23, 2023


Today, we’re delving into our alumni network and catching up with former Newbridge student Mark.

“They say your school days are the best days of your life,” Mark says, smiling, “but you don't realise that until you leave!

“Not only did I meet life-long friends at The Newbridge School, but the standard of teaching and the empathy shown by my teachers helped to shape my own personality,” he added.

By his own admission, Mark was not an accomplished academic, but did acquire a positive collection of skills that made him highly employable once he left and started to search for opportunities.

At school, he was a ‘hands-on’ type of student and formed strong passions for practical subjects, especially ICT; this was an area in which he excelled and one that would come to define his later career.

When he left Newbridge in 2001, he went on to college where he refined and built on his practical skills, excelling in technical theatre and proving to be an expert in areas such as lighting and sound.

Whilst Mark enjoyed his time at college, he yearned for an opportunity to combine his passion of ICT with his love of problem-solving and being creative.

“I wanted a job that allowed me to do both,” he explains, “and I am fortunate that I found one that lets me do that.”

Now working for the local council, Mark is responsible for planning obligations and systems.

“I help to manage ICT systems for the county council,” he says.

“I also manage the council’s developer contributions process, and the system that sits behind it. I've helped to collect over £40 million in contributions that are spent at academies all over Leicestershire in the last two years.”

Mark also found time in his new role to support his former school, as he was involved in the very first iteration of Newbridge’s website; he also uses his skills to design websites for local businesses, promoting a sense of pride in the feeling that he is giving something back to local people.

“The job I'm doing now makes a real tangible difference to the local community and that’s what inspires me to get out of bed.”

A thriving professional career that is seemingly going from strength-to-strength with a supportive and caring family by his side, Mark has flourished since leaving The Newbridge School.

But, what advice would he give to those that are about to do the same?

“Think long-term and don't be hung up on what you achieve now.

“Nothing is impossible, but you must be prepared to work HARD.”