At The Newbridge School, students wear a uniform which encourages them to have their own sense of identity in our school. Identifying them as members of The Newbridge School community, showing pride in the institution and creating a sense of belonging. 


Full school uniform should be worn correctly at all times during the school day

  • Lanyard and Student Card (These are provided for free by the school on their first day. Replacements can be purchased from IT, funds will need to be available on Beehive. Both replacement cards and lanyards are £1 each)
  • Newbridge blazer with school badge
  • School tie
  • White shirt with collar (long sleeved or short sleeved)
  • Grey tailored trousers or grey tailored shorts
  • Newbridge checked pleated skirt or a grey pleated skirt on or just above the knee
  • All black shoes (We do not stipulate the type of shoe that must be worn, but if students wear trainer style shoes the white or coloured markings must be blacked out. Thin, fragile pumps or baseball shoes are not suitable. The entire footwear must be black, this includes the soles.)
  • A plain black, blue, or grey jumper can be worn under the Newbridge blazer
  • Coats may be worn over blazers in cold weather

Blazer and School Tie (and optional Checked skirt) must be purchased from Schoolwear Solutions - click here

 Other items above can also be purchased from a variety of suppliers

Students are not allowed to wear:

  • Hoodies / hooded jumpers - No hoodies under any circumstances will be allowed anywhere on academy premises at any point. Students will not be permitted to wear them under blazers or instead of coats.
  • Leggings
  • Pencil skirt/tube skirt/Lycra skirt
  • Jumpers or sweatshirts with logos and/or branding
  • Jeans or joggers
  • Large items of jewellery that could cause a health and safety risk, for example hooped nose or earrings (The Newbridge School does not accept any liability for jewellery that is damaged, lost or stolen)

PE Kit From August 2024

  • Royal blue or navy blue Training top or Crew top with Newbridge Logo
  • Royal blue or navy blue shorts
  • Royal blue or navy blue football socks
  • Trainers for indoor and outdoor use
  • Football boots that are 3G approved
  • Optional - Navy tracksuit bottoms
  • Optional - Royal, navy or black base layer tops or tights (for under training tops or shorts)
  • Optional - Sports leggings - royal, navy or black

*Recently we have changed PE kit supplier to Schoolwear solutions. Royal blue tops will no longer be available to purchase, but can still be worn. There will be no requirement to purchase the new design if you have the current royal blue tops!