Year 6 Registration Evening

We are looking forward to registering all of our new Year 7 starters on Thursday 13th June 2024 - if you are yet to sign up please check the letter sent before half term for the sign-up link.


The Newbridge School operates a “Cashless Catering” system in the dining hall. Students and staff each have their own personal cashless catering accounts, which they can top up with credit online, using their smartcards.

The school is committed to providing high quality and healthy food options for its students. We employ our own staff and design our own menus within the constraints of government health legislation. We all work hard to promote and enable healthy eating whilst ensuring value for money. 

We have a number of eating areas across the School for our students to access:

  • The Diner is available for Years 8-11.
  • Students in Year 7 have their own designated space for eating.
  • We also have two outdoor hatch service areas, one in the quad and one attached to the diner which serves snacks, baguettes and a selection of drinks and other takeaway type options.
  • Students can also choose to bring sandwiches from home.
  • Additional seating can also be found in The Hall. 

The kitchen is a nut-free zone but very occasionally if items do contain nuts these are clearly labelled.

If your child has any allergies please talk to us and we will work hard to accommodate any concerns.